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Submitted on
June 28, 2007


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So I like most of you have downloaded whatever photoshop brushes and resources I could find.

But I also  used those without regard to whose they were, and what the restrictions were....

Not any-more. The guilt caught up to me and I've decided to do something about it.

I've created a Google Spreadsheet,
(link at bottom)
that lists brush names , brush author, authors website, and also the sharing licence.
And I inputted all my brushes into the spreadsheet.

This document is editable by anybody.

So please if you have brushes that are not on this list, then add them, filling in as much of the information as possible.

My hope is that we will load this spreadsheet with all the brushes available for download.
S that noone will  have the excuse that "It's too hard to keep track of where I got my brushes, and it will take too long to track that down."

Also you can quickly check if those free brushes you've been using for commercial posters were actually "free" for commercial use.

Help add to the database and give resource authors the credit they deserve!

So here's the link. I can't simply paste it because it has an "=" next to a "p" in the address. Thus making a =p and screwing up the link.
So simply remove the spaces after you copy and paste this in your address bar.

ht   tp://  pmKr8lTg_HhKF9vCA1KtbLQ&hl=en
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Awesome idea. Thanks!
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